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Have you certified your business with AS 9120 yet?

  • 2021-07-06

Have you certified your business with AS 9120 yet?

“Quality Management System for Aviation, Space and Defense Distribution”
Top 5 benefits of AS 9120

Improves operational Efficiency and reduces risk
AS 9120 makes it easier for you to identify system-level risks. You can also manage risks and opportunities that come your way. It helps you understand your operational risk management requirements and hence increases your return on investment. AS 9120 helps in eliminating risks and provides you with value addition.

Enhance customer satisfaction by improving the quality and consistency of products
It fulfills all the specific requirements for quality standards in aviation industry. By implementing AS 9120 you can improve your cost and delivery performance by eliminating unnecessary activities and application of good practices. AS 9120 not only improves your efficiency and cost but also helps you be in complete alignment to exceed your customer’s expectation.  

Helps you work in accordance with the regulations
Following are the specific requirements for AS 9120:2016
Context of the organization
Performance Evaluation
In addition to these it also addresses the following:
Risk-based thinking
Clause 6.1
Concept of Change
Organizational Knowledge 
Product Safety
Counterfeit Parts prevention
Consideration of human factors
Consequences of product obsolescence
Project Management
Design and Development of products and services

Become an approved vendor
AS 9120 does not need to be necessarily used at any particular point in supply chain management. Rather it can be used at all levels of supply chain management. It is a global standard. This standard provides required frameworks to the organizations which helps them in their insights for evolving and hence enables organizations to adapt to their changing environments. Also it increases employee awareness. 

Get a competitive advantage
AS 9120 helps you in understanding quality standard requirement and with those standards you can consistently work towards meeting the requirements. You can identify and work on opportunities more easily. It enables you to better handle your documentations and records. Data can be evaluated more efficiently with effective evaluation based on improved processes. It helps you in designing and development of products. This improves your market image.