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Abir Infrastructure Private Limited

Mr. Saikat Roy

Staff feedback has been very positive. We would not have achieved this result without Samarth Consultants and were very happy with their consulting services.

Spirotech Heat Exchangers

S. Shriniwasan

We’ve just come out of our triennial audit and I’m pleased to report that we got through it with no non-conformances! The auditors were that impressed with everything we’d done. A huge thanks to Samarth Consultants.

Raheja Developers

Manoj Goyal

Getting and maintaining ISO certification involved no extra work, and enabled us to continue to provide an extremely high level of service to our customers, in an environment of almost continual change. Samarth Consultants is the first company I'd call for help to implement or improve an ISO 9001 system.

Gas Authorities of India Ltd.


To have achieved our aim in such a short space of time is a credit to both of our organisations. Your assistance and passion for meeting and exceeding the demanding requirements of certification while ensuring practical solutions for our management and staff were, and still, are very much appreciated.

Marine Solutionz

Capt. Sumit Kumar

Thank you for your help in upgrading our system to the 9001:2000 Standard, while also helping us to simplify the system, make it easier to work with, and adapt it to delivery on our intranet.

Engineers India Ltd.

Mr. M. P. Jain

The newly developed system reflects accurately the current business processes and the new procedures are formatted simply, effectively and per the process approach.

Automat (R. K. Manoj and Co.)

Mr. Manoj Jain

My attitude to ISO 9001 quality systems has completely changed as a result of my experience with Samarth Consultants. Now, I believe an ISO 9001 quality system to be an essential part of any business environment.

Electronic Tender
Electronic Tender.com

Mr. Jagdeep Kohli

Although I had worked under ISO 9001 systems before and often found they could be difficult, rigid or bureau - cratic, I am very happy to say that this wasn't the kind of system that was set up. It was very easy to work with.

F1 Info Solutions and Services

Mr. Sandeep Singh

Things no longer 'fall between the cracks'. There are clear procedures that add to the organization which is useful. We know where all our records and our files and documents are. And our system is just that: our system, that we're happy to work with.


Vivek Anand

We were relatively new to the auditing process and found that Samarth Consultants broke it down into understandable sections and made what could easily be an overwhelming process into manageable sections for us to digest and process.

Parsan Overseas Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Sanjay Rana

We had some reservations about the ISO 9001 certification since we had considered it previously. It all seemed too hard, but having a skilled consultant as a guide made all the difference. Samarth Consultants made sure to understand our company and its uniqueness, what we already had and what was important to us.

Pearls Buildwell Infrastructure Limited

Mr. M. R. Ghayasi

Having been involved with ISO 9001 implementations during the 1990s, I could not believe that layering that level of bureaucracy in my organisation would be beneficial. By bringing things back to what was essential to meet the new 2015 standard (and not over-complicating things) they managed the process right through to our final certification.

TATA Steel bsl limited

Mr. Ajay Pal Singh

Samarth Consultants added significant value to the QMS Certification. They took the time to understand our business, more importantly, they identified and understood the underlying business issues and culture, and set in place a plan to deliver us the outcome we sought.

Uneecops Technologies

Mr. Piyush Jaiin

We were delighted with the results. Instead of imposing something on us, Samarth Consultants looked at our business and our existing systems. Then they gave us excellent advice on how to improve it to the ISO 9001 standard, without a lot of extra complexity or overhead.